Have you written a children’s story that is INSPIRED BY ASIA?

The AFCC Scholastic Asian Book Award (SABA) is the joint initiative of the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) and Scholastic Asia. SABA will recognize children’s writers of Asian origin who are taking the experiences of life, spirit, and thinking in different parts of Asia to the world at large. The award also aims to promote the understanding of the Asian experience and its expression in innovative and creative forms.

The objectives of the SABA are as follow:

  • To recognise excellence in fiction in Asian stories for children
  • To showcase the diversity of literary talent within Asia
  • To encourage and inspire more books and stories with Asian content

The closing date for the 2018 SABA is December 22nd, 2017, 5:00pm (Singapore time). Results will be declared in May 2018, at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.